Hope Is A Good Thing and No Good Thing Dies

Hope has been the driving force for all mankind. It has been the only thing slaves held on to when they toiled endlessly in fields knowing that one day they would be free. Hope is what families hold on to as they see their loved one in hospital and the doctors have deemed the illness incurable. Hope is what nations have as the citizens wait in cues for hours to vote in their next set of leaders. Hope is what children have when they look at their parents knowing they will provide regardless of what the situation looks like.

The children of Israel equally held on to hope. God through Abraham had named these people His very own. The story goes that they had the Lords ear and heart . this was until the years of slavery came and they that were once free and inhabitants of heaven on earth were slaves who were t the mercy of a Godless people.

After several years of difficulty God sent hope to them in the form of a man who stammered and was without a clear family identity. Moses was born at a time all male children where being killed and suffice it to say he grew up without men his age who could be his support system.

In a basket made of reeds, hope floated int the arms of Pharaoh's daughter who was bathing. What she did not know was 40 years later the same baby she held would be used of God to liberate the people her family had enslaved.

The same story of hope is told when Jesus- born of a virgin and an engaged couple. during the same time- Herod had equally announced that all male children aged two years and below.

What they did not know- both Herod and Pharaoh was that God will move the situations that seem conclusive to men as opportunities to draw people to Him because hope never dies.

Every other month we seek to give hope to those that are without it. These people are like the mothers who saw their sons being killed by hero's men. These men and women are like Moses' mother who wrapped her son and pushed him across the water to the family that are her oppressor.

Today you may be the only one in your time who has been tasked to restore hope to people. you may be the only one who has the burn of establishing hope, truth is God only asks for one man to use and he will avail him all that he needs to liberate a bound people.

A movie that won the hearts of many was Shawshank Redemption, it is a tale of friendship that stood the test of time. Here is a quote that will keep your hope flame burning.

“Remember,this, hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.

~Shawshank Redemption

Join us this November as we hit the slums and do outreach and spread this reassuring truth that hope will never die. When all is said and done we are called to have faith, gather hope and spread love. Plug in, spread the love and help us gather hope.

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