When Shall Morning Come?

Updated: Mar 14, 2019

There is something rewarding about being prepared for hard times. Knowing that when the rain pours, no matter how hard it will be there is an assurance of warmth and safety. The sad reality is the rain has been cursed by many as it has brought more pain than pleasure.

Neighbor pack

The days of plenty are comfortable they are happy they are peaceful, night time seem to be more bearable as sleep is consistent. They feel like a well lit day, where the sun is out and there is only blue skies.

To many, these days seem like a scene in a good movie, these days seem like a moment they have while gazing at the sun, cursing its heat that has limited their movement and reminds them of how hungry they are.

A story is told to us in the Bible of a man called Joseph translating a king's troublesome dream. The dream was about seven well fed cows being eaten by seven starving cows. The translation was that after a season of abundance there was going to come a season of great famine and that God was telling them to stock up for that season of lack was surely coming!

The days of lack are promised to everyone,the challenge is that in our society, the majority have not experienced the days of plenty that will help them plan for the days of lack.

We define plenty as stores filled with supplies yet to some it is the comfort of having a meal tomorrow morning. We define plenty as closets filled with clothes yet to others it is having a change of clothes that will be a second pair to wear all through the week.

It’s strange that to many plenty is $26.With that a family gets a months supply of sugar , maize flour, home baking flour, tea leaves, salt , rice, toothpaste, washing powder, showering soap and toilet paper and an opportunity to hear the GOSPEL and be spiritually fed, with a goal to provide a permanent self sustaining solution with ;Me for .

My Neighbor shall be availing plenty to those in need..The psalmist wrote in Psalm 30:5

For his anger endureth but a moment; in his favor is life: weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning

The night to many has been miserable ,leaving them to sleep hungry, to dream less and rendered them helpless. The joy of life is that God has availed opportunities for us to be carriers of the morning (joy) to many. Plug in, offer a sunny day to some whose darkest nights have killed the hope of a new day.

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