Who Am I Here For?

Updated: Oct 4, 2018

A story is told in the book of John concerning Jesus’ friend who was unwell and later died. The story goes that Jesus was around town doing his business and then Lazarus sisters sent word to Jesus “ Lord the one you love is ill”

We can only imagine Jesus clutching the shoulder of the messenger and saying to him” This sickness shall not end in death, no it is for the God’s glory so that God’s son may be glorified to it”

The passage goes on and for once before the highly acclaimed Garden of Gethsemane we see Jesus moved to tears the Bible actually records - Jesus Wept.

The story could be a highlight for community living. Here we see Jesus being approached as a man and being reminded that the l=one he loved is unwell. We see the value of people for people before title and all. This is the same Jesus we saw in the book of Luke say to the centurion that his faith has made his servant well. The same Jesus who was touched by the woman with the issue of blood and got her healing. Yet here is Jesus being told the one he loves is unwell,

We live in a time where we have become obsessed with what is said of us, who knows and what we do, that we forget that like Jesus, we have a community and their value to us is of great importance to our existence!

The lesson we must live with is that- Jesus did not weep because the body was smelling, on the contrary, he wept because his heart felt an emotion that could not be ignored; it was that of compassion. He did not care who was around him, he felt it and he showed it.

This could be us to our community; feeling the hurt they feel but above else being a solution to a reported sickness said by others to us. If we look around us there are many who are looking to run to Jesus and say “ The one you love is unwell,” When we look at the paralysis that has come to us in the name of poverty, the cancer that has killed dreams dubbed low self esteem and finally the burns that have left us unidentifiable called silenced dreams.

The response is as relevant today as it was then- This sickness shall not end in death. The next action of leaving your work to being there for some else.

The value of community is more than just a neighborhood; it is all about being there when it may seem unnecessary.

The million dollar question is, ARE YOU THERE FOR A NEIGHBOR?

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